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Project: base for processing and storage of grain, gas station, car wash, vehicle service station
Investor: ET Nikola Popov

Location: Dulovo, Silistra district

Area: Build up area - 6 921.58 м²; Total build up area - 9 889.11 м²

Start of construction: 2012

Completion of construction: 2015г.

Project Description:

The main activity of ET "Nikola Popov" in the field of agri sector - production and trade of grains, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The realization of the investment project is in response to increased demand and customer requirements to ensure larger quantities of agricultural products.
The property has an area of 15 192m² and is located in the district. 5 cadastral map of Dulovo - industrial zone - South. It is served by Highway Shumen - Silistra southeast through local lane. The site is divided into two subprojects:
base for processing and storage of grain (the construction is divided into three stages)
Gas station, car wash, vehicle service station
 The Gas station, car wash, vehicle service station are located at the southern end of the property immediately after the local roadway. Dispensers are located between the main road and the local roadway within the property. Shed station is designed to connect with petrol service station building, bridging the local roadway. There are parking lots serving all of the buildings. The catchment area of the property for the subproject is 2 397m².
The remaining territory of (12 795m²) property is designed for subprojects of the grain base. There are an industrial and a storage buildings in the northwestern part of the property. Newly completed buildings of the subproject are: Administrative - warehouse building - located on the long side of the north-regulation and on the short side of the regulatory southeastern border, the administration is located to the local roadway; Silo complex with elevator tower and unloading facility - six main silos with a diameter of 18.80 meters., arranged in two rows of three in the middle of the property for its extension, in northwest - southeast direction. To silos in the northwest side is located the elevator tower. Access is via internal roads, which are divided into: unloading and loading finished products. There is a 6m. wide fire road around the silos and the elevator tower; Production - warehouse building, situated in the west side of the property, separates an internal service courtyard between itself, the silo group and the existing buildings.
Grain arrives on site by trucks. Its weighing is carried out on the autoscale and during that time it is being controled in the laboratory. The unloading takes place in the reception shaft of the covered unloading facility. From there the flow is directed in the elevator shaft to one of the service elevators. Incoming grain is cleaned, dried and stored in the silos. Broken seed is transported by elevator and grain transporters to the silo for further processing into oil.
The whole feed conveyor system is designed for a capacity of 250m³/ h., and only to and from the dryer's capacity is about 60 m³ / h depending on the humidity of the grain.
All emptying silos transport system is designed for a capacity of 150 m³ / h. The production building is a purpose - sorting, sizing and peeling of sunflower:
The line is designed performance of 4 t / h of input - sunflower seeds. It is fed from the two buffer silo, each with a volume of 127 m³. Small fraction of the seeds are removed from the line suitable for production of peeled sunflower seeds (kernels) and go into the bunker for processing into oil. As a natural outcome of the process are made automatic line for filling and packaging of the seeds in bags; pellet line and the line for cold pressing of the seeds for oil.
The 3d composition of buildings is determined diverse as it is dictated not only by their location in the plan, but also in height, taking into account the purpose and process.
The color solution is mainly in two colors intertwined in various volumes and facades. Used facade elements are aluminum composite panels, facade and roof sandwich panels with polyurethane and mineral wool, equipped with accessories of powder coated galvanized steel.
Front side (oriented intercity road Shumen - Silistra southeast) is determined by a broken volumetric composition and the presence of architectural elements. Architectural design is also more freely decided, namely through the use of more specific and appropriate materials. Maximum use of glass in the face (visible from the road) facades. The main entrance of the station is emphasized.
The architectural design of all elements of the buildings and facilities are interconnected in order to create a single image of the whole complex.